It’s time to let it go…

It’s kind of all over the place and apparently, we can’t just let it go… Disney’s got a gay agenda! Just look at Frozen! It practically screams feminist lesbianism… ummm… wow. Really? Here I was thinking it was a pretty good, and pretty modern, story about sisters mending their relationship. Sure, it’s wrapped in a tale of friendship, love, acceptance, and finding yourself… Oh… wait… I forgot, to some people that’s synonymous with satan.

Honestly, it would be laughable if it weren’t so damn scary. When it all started up again (Disney is no stranger to these claims) I just rolled my eyes and ignored it. However, this train is still steaming along, and it’s dredging up all the old claims as well, from Snow White and those seven single men she lived with to the cross-dressing Mulan and beyond.

I’d like to suggest that perhaps these folks should examine their beloved classic holiday… whoops, I mean Christmas… music for potentially subversive lyrics. We don’t want our kids to be donning their “gay apparel” now do we?

Why is it that every time I see something like this, I’m struck by how hate and pain filled these stories are? Self-described upstanding Christians (of whatever denomination) suddenly leave their gentleness behind and start preaching a vehement gospel of hatred and intolerance.

Exactly where in the Bible does Jesus command his followers to be hate mongers? And no, you cannot quote the Old Testament here. I want red-letter-edition, Jesus’ words, Jesus’ teachings.

Y’know, I just went looking through all of Jesus’ words and can you guess what word was repeated… a lot?


It’s time to let go of the seeds of hatred and start sowing love instead.



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