Waking a sleeping dragon…

1303 Abandoned Gas Station-3
1303 Abandoned Gas Station-3 (Photo credit: nooccar)

Many, many years ago on a cross-country trip with a friend, there were some interesting adventures. Some good, some not so good, but looking back, it’s easier to just say they were adventures.

Years later I wrote a humorously creepy blog post based on one of those adventures. That particular post got a lot of attention.

The one thing I heard over and over again was: “You should write this into a longer story!”

And so I did. The story was written, and it turned into quite a piece, a short novel, really.

Here’s where the tale gets a little icky, and I’m going to leave the ugly details out of it. Let’s just say, for a variety of reasons, the little novel died a quiet death. It sat in some electronic vault, gathering virtual dust. Forgotten. Abandoned.

And then it happened.

Like taking a trip to the attic and reliving old memories. When the cobwebs were cleared away and the dust blown off, there the story sat.

It wasn’t dead, merely sleeping. Taking a very long nap.

There’s more to this tale, but it’s not quite ready to tell yet.

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