Writer or author? Which is it?

On Saturday morning, after a very, very long and sometimes insanity-inducing road, I finally put the finishing touches on a little horror novella and sent it off to my publisher.

Yes, I said “my publisher”. Yes, I said “finishing touches”. The Sleeping Dragon post from a few weeks ago kinda hinted at it…

Long story short, after a long road, hurdles, road blocks, and other complications, the little story that could is in its final stages…

The first round of edits and style changes have gone to the publisher, now begins the back and forth of the editorial process to create the final version. No publication date has been set yet, details to come as soon as I know them.

But wait… there’s more!

There’s a second novel already completed and in first edits stage. Those should be done by the end of April, then it’s off to the publisher for the final rounds. Again, no publication date set yet.

Both… yes, I said “both”, are planned for e-book and paperback release. One is a short horror novella, the other is a sort of dark, intense chick lit with a side of romance (minus the eye-roll-inducing euphemisms and other trappings of that genre that are just not my style).

Needless to say, I’m excited… and I’ll post more news eventually…

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