Gettin’ my ears on… the accessory files…

So I got my hearing aids and so far they're a marked improvement… Then I tried to talk on my cell phone. Ummm… whoops.

My aids have a full ear mold – which means that putting the cell phone up to my ear is like trying to hear through ear plugs. Not good.

Technology to the rescue! The hearing aid manufacturer also makes a cool phone accessory that connects your cell phone to your hearing aids – just like a wireless headset.

Cool! I want one!

But they're on back order… estimated delivery time? Three to four months. Not cool.

Third party technology to the rescue!

Another company makes a cool device that will handle phone calls and has a removable remote mic that will connect to your hearing aids.

Cool! I got one! Time will tell what I think of it, but so far, it's OK on the phone. A little frustrating that the hearing aids have to be in t-coil mode for it to work, but meh. Whatever.

So what's not to like?

It looks like a prototype for Tony Stark's chest piece. Or maybe a miniature laser tag target. Or…Well, lots of things, and none of them cool or stylish. Mind you, the phone accessory from the hearing aid manufacturer is no better. It's actually even worse – just a lump of gray and black plastic about half the size of an iPhone.

Hello! Tehnology has improved beyond these standards people! It's time to find ways to make these things look cool.

But hey, I can talk on my cell phone again. Win!