goodbye grill…

Summer… it makes ya wanna grill!

Sadly, for us… those days are over…

Living in an inner-city apartment has its challenges, in our case, that includes a distinct lack of anything even remotely resembling private outdoor space.

The apartment has no patio, balcony, terrace, etc. Neither private, nor public. While I’m rather happy that means I never have to worry about mowing a lawn, trimming weeds, shoveling snow, or battling the local squirrel population for my plant life, there is one outdoor activity I do like to indulge in on a regular basis.


In the past, I’ve done what just about every other city dweller has done… improvised.

Hey, that 8′ high window, with a waist-high sill, that overlooks an oversized fire escape, whose floor is at the same height as the sill? Yeah, that thing.

Ever since the invention of the fire escape, city dwellers have been repurposing the darn things – into urban gardens, makeshift patios and smoking areas, places to dry laundry, and, naturally, places to grill.

Alas! Our fire-escape grilling days are over. After nearly three years of doing this, someone at the rental company finally got wise (or we got tattled on) and we received the dreaded letter that told us, hey, remember that lease agreement? Yeah, you’re not supposed to be doing that. Oh, and by the way, just in case you don’t care about that, there’s a little thing in the fire code as well.

I have no problem bending certain rules – when I can conveniently claim to have forgotten them, or never known them. But when faced with a clear, black and white statement… le sigh.

Goodbye grill!