Boo! Whatcha doin’ for Halloween…

Ghost Observer
No, that’s not a ghost in the fireplace – that’s just what the back looks like in this weird ass photo. To find the ghost, you have to follow the arrow…

It’s my favorite time of the year… the heat of summer is starting to fade. The nights are getting just a bit chilly. It’s time to open the windows and let some fresh air in. It’s also time to start planning what we’re going to do for Halloween.

We like the annual Lantern Parade, and of course there are tons of “haunted” trails, mansions, etc. But most of those have gone more goretastic than spooky (when did Halloween become all about the gore instead of the supernatural?)

So I went digging…

In the not interested category – a haunted pub crawl. Because I so want to tour a bunch of bars that now occupy buildings that once held taverns Poe frequented while living here. All tales told by an aging goth with too much eye makeup and a propensity for drama. While getting progressively more tipsy, please tip at the end of the tour, thank you. (nah, I’m not cynical)

In the silly but sounds fun category – a nighttime tour around Gettysburg, complete with ghost hunting equipment. Though I’m sure it also involves costumed tour guides, adding a little technical fun to the gasp and horror of the usual ghost story could be fun.

Another tour suggests bringing your cell phone and downloading your “favorite ghost-hunting app” to use on the tour. It helpfully lists a few. It even helpfully listed one that used your phone’s camera to capture evidence of ghostly presences.

I spat coffee on my computer when reading that.

Understand – I do believe in strange things. I do believe in inexplicable things. I do believe in a spirit world of some sort – not sure what it looks like, what I’d call it, or whether it’s actual ghosts, or just some weird energies, presences, or whatever. Bottom line, I believe there are things we cannot understand or “see” in the normal sense.

For giggles and grins, I downloaded the Ghost Observer app (hey, it’s free so long as you don’t mind ads). And I used it at home.

On top of the creepy sounds – seriously? The designers had to go there. The sound effects give the impression of something not quite right. In between weird beeping and booping sounds, there is some discordant music and occasional bits that sound somewhere between breathing and a recording of someone speaking being played backwards. Oh, and the deep voice intoning “Ghost signal acquired” or “Signal lost” along with garbled “words” from the ghost (translation available – but you have to pay for that). Yeah. Thanks folks. That’s middle school stuff.

Are you ready to meet a few of my ghosts? There were spectres, ghosts, friendly spirits, vengeful spirits, etc. They ranged in “age” from 9 to 555. Apparently my living room is a thoroughfare for spirits of all sorts! Click the pics to view larger… and put your funny bone firmly in place.