To gray or not to gray…

Gray Hair
This actually doesn’t show the extent of my grays… each temple has a wide streak of silvery-white, and just off center from the widow’s peak is a smaller streak that has suddenly popped up. I kinda like that one, even if I color, I think I’ll keep it. Plus there are scattered loners throughout the front and sides.

I’ve been coloring my hair off and on for years. In my teens and twenties, it was for fun. Later it was to cover grays. Let’s be honest, I haven’t seen my natural color in about 10 years. But my roots tell the tale, the grays are advancing.

This wouldn’t be so bad if they were advancing all over my head. But no. They’re determined to crop up primarily around my face. Absolutely pure white and silver. Which means within two weeks of getting my hair colored, I have a thin white line around my face. If I pull my hair back at all, it shows. Have I mentioned how much I hate hair in my face?

Since my natural color is very dark, those blindingly white strands are hard to ignore. There is no “subtly blending in” here. Highlights and lowlights are not going to fix this.

And so, I’ve been slowly letting them grow out, toying with the idea of letting it happen and making my gray be fabulous!

What stops me?

Oh… I’m 45.  And I really don’t want to be seen as “old”. I don’t feel old.

That and I keep picturing something like this…