Facebook Fail!

I’m not the kind of person who complains about every little offensive thing I see on Facebook. Generally, I take the attitude of “if you don’t like it, look away and move on.”

Frankly, I have such a wide range of people on my friends feed that to do otherwise would be inviting insanity on myself. Seriously. My feed ranges from far left to far right, and just about any offshoot you can think of.

Apparently, not all my friends share this same attitude, however. I’ve had a few posts that were reported to FB, and subsequently removed. Since my page and posts are all set friends only, that kinda limits the exposure (yeah, I know, friends of friends can still see stuff and it’s not a perfect world, but…whatever.)

Some of the “objectionable” items I’ve been guilty of posting?

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So… with all the boobs and butts that I see in my feed, and all the sexually suggestive posts that are focused on women, I kinda figured these were safe. Apparently I was wrong.

Fine… someone got their knickers in a twist over some hot men. And maybe it was the content that went along with the dude with the chainsaw. I dunno. Whatever. It’s FB, there’s no rhyme nor reason.

And then I saw something that actually made me send a complaint. I won’t even post it here because it was that bad. In short – it was an image of a house on fire along with a caption that implies it’s totally OK to set fire to someone’s house because they’re of a particular religious belief.

That image came up in not one, not two, but three people’s feeds.

Facebook’s answer to the complaint? The image does not violate FB’s Community Guidelines.

What. The. Fuck.

So… sexually suggestive material is not OK. But material that says it’s OK to commit a violent act against a religious group is?

FB’s guidelines prohibit nudity (breast feeding and art are OK), violence and threats of violence, self-harm, bullying and harassment, hate speech, graphic content (this one’s a gray area), privacy violations, copyright infringement (oh really?!?), and a few other odds and ends.

Wait… violence or threats? Hate speech? Huh.

Really Facebook?


That is all.


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