Tales from my desk…

Or: where does the time go? And where in the heck are my glasses, I know they’re here somewhere.

At this moment, I am incredibly grateful that I was able to stop working outside the home and go strictly freelance. Because I really don’t know if I’d be staying sane through this process otherwise!

In the midst of heavy deadline work for one of the sites I write for, I got back the first round edits for my second novel.

Unlike the first story, this one is not a “short” tale. Nope. That first one is about the same length as A Christmas Carol, or Of Mice and Men, or Animal FarmAfter the Harvest is a short, but intense read. The second novel is a bit on the longer side. Think A Tale of Two Cities, or The Return of the King.

Shortly after getting the first-round edits for novel number 2, I got the advanced review copy back on novel number 1 for a final review. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.

I’m also shopping novel number 3 for an agent.

And trying to keep my head above water with freelance work.

And trying to keep up with the house.

By the way, the real Neverending Story is not a child’s tale about a magical land threatened by The Nothing. Nope… the real Neverending Story is the damned laundry.

I’m also updating this site and working on assorted other projects. I’ve got a long-ass to-do list.

Oh yeah, I’m also keeping up another blog about our journey into healthier living.

And so, sometimes the laundry sits clean, but not folded. Sometimes emails take a bit longer to answer. And every day I think how glad I am that I am not in an office 8+ hours every day.

Now would someone please tell me where I left my glasses?