Pondering Pitch Wars…

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This is me…

I actually became aware of Pitch Wars two years ago. The first year, I realized it was going on after the submission period had ended. Last year, I didn’t have anything anywhere near ready to go.

This year, I have two possible pieces. Insert happy dance here. So, I reviewed the list of mentors. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Twice. Three times.

Then I realized the real action was happening on Twitter. A forum I am notoriously bad with. Oh dear. Maybe I should skip it. Never mind. I’ll go about querying and all of that in the regular way. Ho hum. Then I realized something else. Something very important. I was being stupid. Absolutely, completely and utterly stupid.

So I dusted off my Twitter profile. I reread that long list of mentors. It wasn’t too hard to narrow it down. One piece is a dystopian sci-fi with a strong romantic element (officially one potential mentor). The second is a romantic thriller (officially five potential mentors).

City Life
This is my neighborhood…

Yep, guess which one I’m using.

Many potential mentees are posting their bios, wish lists, etc. Well, what the heck. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

My Dream List

Why? Each not only indicated an interest in the types of books I like to read (and write), but each exhibited a sense of humor, excitement, and high expectations.

And now I have a very long list of “I wants” to add to my Kindle!

What I Write

Fallen_150dpi_eBookIn the past, I might have said “a bit of everything”, but as I go along, I see a trend.

Most of my pieces straddle the line between thriller and romance. All of my stories tend to have strong female protagonists, and most include a distinct love interest that is a significant driving force in the plot. I don’t, however, write traditional romance genre.

After the HarvestI do delve into horror, and occasionally cross into chick lit territory, but even the dystopian sci-fi piece has elements of romance and a distinct twinge of thriller.

What am I pitching?

DARKNESS is a romantic thriller – a former police officer with a troubled past sets out to find a serial rapist. There’s danger, excitement, love, and sexiness. And a seriously twisted character.

What I Read

A bit of everything!

I’m particularly fond of Gaiman, Rothfuss, Koontz, and King. I recently discovered a weakness for Deborah Harkness, and I’ll admit I eagerly anticipate the next installment of Game of Thrones. I’m a fan of Tolkien from long ago, and grew up loving James Herriot. However, I was equally likely to be reading Poe or Lovecraft, and I still have a soft spot for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

I like my vampires elegant, dangerous, and sexy. I prefer to avoid werewolves. In horror, I’m equally drawn to supernatural as to the more human horrors. And if we’re talking fantasy, I like stories that include magic as well as mundane.

What Else?

Game of Thrones buffet for 15...
Game of Thrones buffet for 15…

I am an avid cook, be warned, I tend to post food porn.

I try to keep a sense of humor in all that I do.

I have a rather serious love of shoes – specifically high heels.

I’m an opinionated brat at times, and my politics straddle the line between ultra-liberal and moderately conservative.

I’m currently writing for a variety of online sources (mostly under pseudonyms), while trying to find an agent for my latest novel.

And I’ll close with my usual list:

Smart, urbanite, foodie, funny, cook, passionate, political, irreverent, writer, photographer, busy, mom, wife, shoe fiend, fashionista, frequent hostess.

My “office”…