Pitch Wars for Fun

Christopher Keelty posted this and it looked like fun, so… Figured I’d take a break from the mind-numbing and maddening task of revising my query letter for the umpteenth time, second (hundredth) guessing my synopsis, and scouring my manuscript for trash words, typos, and technical glitches.

Want to know more normal stuff? Go here.

Where were you born?

San Diego, California – in Balboa Naval Hospital

Where did you grow up?

The property was surrounded by stuff that looked like this.

Lots of places, mostly all over Southern California. But the majority of my youth was on a rural property in the high desert in eastern San Diego County.


There’s four of us… one sister missing.

Yep. All older than I am. Three sisters (living), and one brother.

What’s your favorite drink?

A glass of wine with dinner. A margarita on a hot summer day. A cosmo if I’m not sure of the bartender. A gin and tonic when I want something simple. And when the mood strikes, I can be talked into trying all sorts of interesting “girly” cocktails.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Yeah, I like to entertain.

Wow, that would be a long list. I love to cook and entertain, it’s a rare week when we don’t have guests for dinner at least twice. The family likes going to the Renaissance faire, and the fairy festivals, and Artscape, and the book festival, and… OK, we like getting out and doing things.

Do you speak any languages besides English?

Fluently? No. I have retained a tiny smattering of Spanish, can generally understand (but not speak) some French, and I’m currently learning Japanese.

Do you have any tattoos?

One. It looks like a henna tattoo and goes from my right shoulder down my back to low on my right hip. More coming as soon as I decide what I want to add to it.

What am I pitching?

DARKNESS is a romantic thriller – a former police officer with a troubled past sets out to find a serial rapist. There’s danger, excitement, love, and sexiness. And a seriously twisted character (or two).

Other Stuff?

I have a slight thing for shoes. Specifically, high heels.
I make a kick-ass pecan pie.
Yes we do Ren Faire. My son, daughter, me, and hubby (l-r)
And Pride.


    1. Yep, they’re mine. I have a slight thing for shoes. And I will happily share the pecan pie recipe! Good luck in Pitch Wars!

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