A New Year’s Reflection


Ah New Year’s… the traditional time for resolutions to be a better person… eat better… lose weight… stop smoking… start exercising… etc. etc. etc.

In many ways, I’m no different than everyone else… The changing of the calendar has prompted a changing of the ways… Not necessarily because it’s New Year’s, but mostly because it’s an easy time to make those changes… A stopping point… A starting point.

Will this be the year that I finally make good on the promises to exercise more and lose weight? Maybe. We are both officially on the far side of our 40s now, and health consciousness looms.

But this post is titled “reflection”… so enough with all the looking forward…

2015 was an interesting year. I saw two books published, and the publishing house subsequently sold. I learned hard lessons in the world of small, indie publishing houses. And like many lessons, these had both painful and pleasant moments.

I finally traveled to Japan, one of my bucket list locations to see before I die. The trip was incredible, albeit too short. And so enjoyable we’ll be doing it again in 2016… this time for two weeks!

I proved I could make ends meet working freelance, but I also discovered that it can be incredibly hard work, and sometimes it’s far more rewarding than others.

IMG_9419I’ve seen my children through interesting challenges, and watched them begin to navigate adulthood with growing confidence.

Baltimore ProtestsI watched my city burn and rage in protests, then slowly rebuild… and it didn’t make me run from the city, or fear living here.

Looking back, I can say there was far more good than bad in 2015. Far more love than hate, more happiness than anger, more laughter than sadness.

And in the end, isn’t that really what everyone wants? More good stuff than bad.

So… here it is then… for 2016, a resolution that anyone can keep…

This year, I will do more celebrating, smiling, laughing, and hugging.

Because life is good.