An invite to fit…


What do flowers have to do with fitness? Nothing! But they’re pretty, and I like them.
 OK, so I’ve been struggling with getting back in shape – with incredibly mixed results. 

Sure, I’ve regained some flexibility and strength, lost a few inches, and generally I’m feeling better… But… I’m not where I want to be, and I’ve been frustrated by feeling like I’m sort of on my own. I’m not a gym rat, been there and done that, not my thing. I’m not motivated by all the so called moticational crap I’ve found so far. So I’ve been plugging along, getting my daily exercise in, and slowly making heathy changes in the household diet (not like we were all that unhealthy to begin with to be honest…)

Recently a friend pointed me at something totally different… And I fell in love with the idea!

Fit Girls is cute, girly, and completely different. The focus is on progress, not perfection, and on meeting your goals, not some arbitrary ideals. The community is on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (lots of Instagram!) and it’s amazingly supportive and body positive! 

I discovered this right before the trip to Tokyo, and let me tell you, two weeks of so much walking and stairs (so many stairs) convinced me I need to get my ass moving more!

So I made a commitment… The next Fit Girl Challenge starts on March 14. It’s a 28 day journey, and it’s realistic. This is not some crazy workout plan that is only doable if you’re already fit. It’s not a diet plan that sounds insane, or cuts out carbs, or forces you to eat tons of grapefruit. This is a realistic workout plan that starts out slow and ramps up – and can be done at home! No equipment needed. And the food plan looks pretty good – it’s real food, not low-fat, sugar-free substitutes, and the recipes look pretty tasty. 

OK, there are some things I’m not too keen on – the plan is obviously geared for folks who aren’t cooking for a family – but they also provide ideas to tweak the plan to suit you. Yay!

So… Here’s the invite part…

Between now and March 14, I’m continuing my existing routine of daily workouts and healthy eating. Starting Monday, March 14, I’ll be on the Fit Girl train. And you’re invited to join in!

Check out and pick up the first guide – the Fit Girls Guide is the 28 Day Jump Start – use the code CLOVER20 to save 20% on the guide right now. No I’m not being paid or compensated to say this. I just like the program, and I want my friends to join in the fun! If you don’t want to get the guide, or can’t afford it right now, you can still join the social media groups (hey, they’re free!) and take part in the daily encouragement! 
Stay tuned for future posts – I’ll be linking to my Instagram account and once this gets started, I’ll be posting most of the Fit Girls stuff on a different blog (link to follow!) so those of you who don’t want to see this stuff don’t have to.

Want to join in? Want more info? Drop me a note or comment here!