Scrivathon 2016


First a little word from your crazy host… I rarely do anything like this – but while participating in a recent Twitter pitch contest, I met the most amazing crew of fellow writers, and when this idea got bandied about, I jumped at the chance to help out… even in a tiny little way. Seriously… ya gotta check this out! ~ R


What is Scrivathon?

Scrivathon is a charity write-athon taking place on 12 November 2016 during National Novel Writing Month. Scrivathon has a simple goal: make a fun challenge for writers to increase their word count and raise money for charity.

Our selected charity this year is Syria Relief, a UK registered charity. Syria Relief uses a solid network of committed management and logistics staff— currently numbering at around 1,600—to deliver much needed humanitarian aid on the ground in Syria, including the hard-to-reach rural and some besieged areas, including Aleppo.

Syria Relief are doing an amazing job – I’ve been there, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. They really are saving lives, but they need your help. They need your donations.

Dr David Nott, Emergency Trauma Surgeon, OBE and recipient of the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award

You can read more about Syria Relief and their amazing work here:

I’m a writer! How do I join in?

Writers can participate in many ways. For those excited about the challenge of staying up for 24 hours and word-sprinting like they have mini Usain Bolts for fingers, here’s what to do:


The 24hr word sprint for charity

  • JOIN the Scrivathon Facebook group:
  • CREATE your fundraising page with Easy step by step instructions here
  • FUNDRAISE by getting family and friends to sponsor you. There is no minimum donation required, every penny helps. Get creative. Suggest they sponsor by the word, by the hour, or an easy fixed amount.
  • FIND & ENCOURAGE fellow Scrivathoners on twitter using #Scrivathon16 and in the #Scrivathon16 Facebook group.
  • THUNDER the Scrivathon event by joining our online flashmob here:

What if I’m not a writer? Or I can’t make the Scrivathon?

For those who can’t join the Scrivathon, here are ways to still support the event:

  • DONATE. We have amazing raffle prizes donated by our generous sponsors. Each donation made via the Rafflecopter link is eligible to enter one of the raffles prize draws. See our list of raffle prizes here:
  • SPONSOR A PRIZE. If you have a writerly prize you would like to donate for the raffle draw, please email Alice:
  • SPREAD THE WORD. Grab a badge and hit social media. Include the hashtag #Scrivathon16 and a link to this page Here are some ready-made tweets to copy and share:

o Join us 12 Nov 16 for a 24 hour word sprint to raise money for Syria Relief #Scrivathon16

o #Scrivathon16 writers increasing their word count AND raising money for Syria Relief.

o It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a writer’s work is solitary– except when sprinting with #Scrivathon16

o Get your muse on and sign up to a fabulous mash-up of productivity, camaraderie, and goodwill #Scrivathon16


About the organiser

A.Y. Chao is an escapee lawyer and expat Canuck who writes urban fantasy in London and drinks far too much coffee.

MORE information

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Syria Relief: