NaNoWriMo… are you doing it?

It’s November, which means the writing crowd is filled with folks posting about NaNoWriMo – basically a month-long event that’s meant to encourage people to actually write, and complete, a novel in 30 days.

While I have some great friends who swear by it, and participate every year, it’s not my thing.

I think the idea is cool – for those who struggle with procrastination, or who think “I could never do that”, or lots of other reasons. My frustration is not with the event itself, or even with the tons of writers who eagerly participate each year. Nope… I’m all for all of that. My beef is with the folks who seem shocked to the point of bordering on offended, that I am not participating.

When well-meaning friends are stunned that I am not making excuses for why I’m not doing NaNoWriMo it’s become a problem in my book. If the event works for you – great! Go do it! I’ll cheer you on! Just kindly don’t insist that I’ve “just gotta do it!”

So… without further ado… here is why I do not participate…

  • Because I don’t.

My reasons don’t really matter. I have a list of them – some nice, some not so nice. The bottom line is this – I don’t work that way. I don’t enjoy working that way. If you do, if doing NaNoWriMo makes you feel motivated, or encouraged, or accomplished – GREAT!

If you’ve struggled with wanting to write a novel, but felt you couldn’t… try it. If you have a hard time with being a perfectionist and can’t finish a story because it’s “not good enough”… give it a shot.

I’m 100% behind the idea of getting people writing… if you do NaNoWriMo, cool! If you don’t, also cool.