America, what have we done…

I’m kind of an odd duck in the world of politics. Socially liberal, fiscally conservative, and a few odd subjects that swing completely opposite of what you’d expect – I don’t fit in any one candidate’s (or party’s) camp.

With this year’s presidential election, there is far more at stake than who will be the next POTUS. There is a vacant Supreme Court Justice seat. That’s not a position that will change in a few years. It’s not a position that we-the-people can vote someone out of. The current SCOTUS is split pretty much right down the middle, so… yeah. Do the math.

Combine this with a right-leaning Congress, and it’s pretty clear why folks are worried about the way things turned out on Tuesday night.

But what difference does it make to me? I mean… I’m white. I’m upper middle class. I’m… Yeah… just stop. I’m a woman. I’m a mother. My friends and family are from all walks of life and include an entire rainbow of race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, etc, etc, etc. But more than that, I am a human being, and I’d like to think a decent one, and the views expressed by a certain President-Elect are repugnant.

The idea that America could elect a man whose ideas are so abhorrent is mind boggling. This man has demonstrated that he is dishonest, entitled, priviliged, bigoted, misogynistic, and completely lacks self discipline or restraint. In fact, he has on several occasions behaved like a petulant child.

And this is the person who, come January, will be the head of our country?

In the name of all things holy and un, how did this happen? And why? And holy shit, America, is this really the direction you want our country to go?

Because America has just sent a very disturbing message to all women, and people of color, and immigrants, and the entire populace of LGBTQ+ citizens, and anyone else who falls outside of a very narrow, WASPish spectrum.

That message is clear: We don’t matter. We don’t count. Our views, our concerns, our liberties, and in fact our very lives are not important.

And if that doesn’t scare the ever loving shit out of you, then you’re part of the reason I’m afraid for the future.


Whatcha got to say?

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