A mixed bag…

Winter yard

On Feb 1, the hubby turned the big 5-Oh. We’d planned a quiet dinner at home on Saturday to celebrate. But that was not to be. On Saturday, he got a call–his mom has been on hospice since the day after Christmas, and it was time to come home. And so home he went.


She passed Saturday night, and on Sunday, I hoped on the train to come down and help out. The business of death is never easy. As hubby set about dealing with all the mechanics of the thing… I set about tackling her house. Both Herculean tasks.

Meanwhile… the Pitch Wars Agent Showcase kicked off on Feb 5, meaning that project I’ve been working on for months (ahem, years?) is now in front of participating agents.

The timing is a mixed bag… on the one hand, I’m pretty much done. The book is finished. My synopsis essentially complete. I still need to polish my query, but that can wait a few days. I don’t need to send out materials until the 12th.

On the other hand, I’d normally be all over Twitter and Facebook right now, boosting other mentee’s books, shouting from the rooftops how wonderful Pitch Wars is, and finding every way possible to express my appreciation for my two mentors–Laura and Tif–who seriously went above and beyond the call of duty, and are just amazing people. And damn good writers… yeah, I’ve read their books. They’re awesome.

So… one week in and February has delivered a very mixed bundle of experiences. Some good. Some bad. But that’s life, I guess.

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