The business of life…

I’m not the type to air dirty laundry on social media. Nor do I often share tales of woe, or worry. I’m more the life chronicles and humorous rant type…

Y’know… when things are done… and you can look back and laugh.

Well, I’m not to laughing… yet.

Life has gotten busy to the point of packed to the rafters and overflowing.

Right now, I’m preparing to finish the clean up and clear out of my mother in law’s place in Petersburg, while helping my kids move into their first apartment, while dealing with a major overhaul of our own spaces and home organization, while querying my Pitch Wars novel, while writing a new novel, while keeping up with all my usual stuff, while double cooking so the family has meals while I’m down in Petersburg, because oh yeah, that part involves me being apart from my family 50 percent of the time… and a whole list of things I didn’t include here because they’re family business.

I started Pitch Wars in October (amazing thing, by the way!!!). In December, my MIL told us she’d gone onto Hospice care. On February 4 – three days after the hubby’s 50th b-day, she passed.

Even as I write this, I’m tempted to delete. Why share?

I’m not complaining, really. This is life. Stuff happens.

I’m not looking for sympathy. This is life. Sometimes that stuff is hard.

I’m not looking for kudos or pats on the back. This is life. You deal with your stuff.

I’m not trying to brag or crow. This is life. Everyone handles their stuff differently.

And I’m not saying “hey I’m at the end of my cope”.

So, why share?

Because… I don’t often. I’m usually quiet about my personal stuff. Content to lend a supporting ear or shoulder to others as they deal with their own stuff.

But I know I’ve not been myself lately. Or as present or active as I usually try to be. And for once, instead of clamming up and quietly dealing with my stuff, I figure maybe I should say a little thanks.

Thanks to the family who have helped us through this time. To the friends who’ve been so patient with our weird schedule and lack of availability. To a couple of wonderful friends/chosen family who have kept us sane.

And lest anyone think I’m using the Royal We here… thanks especially to my amazing hubby who, despite dealing with his own load of stuff over his mother’s passing, has been my rock through it all and then some.

Whatcha got to say?

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