What time is it?

One of my favorite times of year. A sanity saver last year. Yep… It’s time for Pitch Wars!

PW has given me some of the most amazing experiences as a writer. From the community to my mentors to the PW team… and my mentee from last year!

After a few years of submitting, I finally got a mentee slot in 2018. Then joined the blog team as my little way of giving back to a community that had given me so much. And last year, I had the honor of mentoring in PW for the first time. I had a terrific mentee (who I need to ask if I can link to her… because she really is awesome) and as wonderful and rewarding as my mentee year was, mentoring was even better.

So… it’s time to work on a wish list, brush up my spreadsheet skills (who’m I kidding? I love my spreadsheets), and get ready for the busy to begin.

It’s also time to dust off my woefully ignored website here. Yikes! You’d think 2020 was a wild year or something the way this thing has been neglected.

I tend to be very active on Twitter, feel free to reach out there. But… I can’t talk wishlists until September 11 (the full PW schedule is here). Still, there’s gonna be a lot of chatter popping up on Twitter, so… brace yourself. Dive right in. Get to know the mentors… and each other… and likely a whole bunch of past mentees cheering folks on.

Whatcha got to say?

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