Writing & Editing Tools

It would be impossible to catalogue every How To out there about writing, editing, revising, etc. There’s just sooo much good stuff, and a lot of it is contradictory. Some folks swear by a formula approach, others do deep dives into character histories. Maybe you outline. Maybe you fly by the seat of your pants. […]

What time is it?

One of my favorite times of year. A sanity saver last year. Yep… It’s time for Pitch Wars! PW has given me some of the most amazing experiences as a writer. From the community to my mentors to the PW team… and my mentee from last year! After a few years of submitting, I finally […]

A little housecleaning…

Working a little magic on the blog… I’ve been on this platform for… umm.. hmm… more years than I care to count. And it’s gone through a few personality shifts over the years as my reasons and purpose for blogging have changed.

The business of life…

I’m not the type to air dirty laundry on social media. Nor do I often share tales of woe, or worry. I’m more the life chronicles and humorous rant type… Y’know… when things are done… and you can look back and laugh. Well, I’m not to laughing… yet. Life has gotten busy to the point […]

A mixed bag…

On Feb 1, the hubby turned the big 5-Oh. We’d planned a quiet dinner at home on Saturday to celebrate. But that was not to be. On Saturday, he got a call–his mom has been on hospice since the day after Christmas, and it was time to come home. And so home he went.