Condom conundrum… writing about sex

Here’s a huge shocker, my books contain some sex scenes. I know, big surprise, right? And I’m currently editing another book that contains (gasp!) sex scenes. No, these aren’t erotic fiction, though I’ve been known on occasion to write erotica (and have even gotten paid to do it). These are standard fiction stories. Not even […]

Baltimore in protest…

   After today’s protest march went down Saint Paul, we spoke with some local business owners whose properties were damaged in the riots. We are currently working on a piece looking at the impact of the riots – not to politics, but to city residents. Stay tuned.

Itty bitty kitchen…

Our apartment is fairly large… OK, it’s freakin’ big. Except for one room… the kitchen. The space itself is small, made to feel even smaller by a really bad layout. Had the rest of the place not been so ab-so-lute-ly perfect, the kitchen would have been a serious sticking point. The sink and dishwasher are […]

Halanksmas… the new holidays

On November 2, I walked into my local grocery store to pick up a few things and stopped dead in my tracks. There I stood surrounded by half-off Halloween candy, looking at gigantic cans of pumpkin pie filling (who uses that stuff?) and I was hearing… Christmas music! Gah! It’s too early for this! And […]

The Great Halloween Lantern Parade

Looking for something fun and family friendly to do around Baltimore, I found The Great Halloween Lantern Parade… What a cool event! Check out the pics… The theme this year was “grow” – so there were lots of vegetables, flowers and other things from nature. And, of course, a lot of Dia de los Muertos […]