Anonymous shmonymous…The Three Faces of Roxy

Over the years, I have very carefully preserved a relatively anonymous front and a totally fractured existence, a sort of six degrees of separation from myself. In many cases, it’s been a necessary evil and originally came about because I was doing much of my creative (and paying) work under pseudonyms not owned by me […]

Spring has sprung!

After a winter of record snow fall (Snowmaggedon anyone?) I confess I was looking forward to Spring. I also confess that it snuck up on me. Over the last month, as the weather has slowly warmed, things just started ever so slowly getting just a little bit more green, a little bit more life till […]

Deer tracks in the snow…

The weekend included a record snow fall – 19″ was the official measurement a few miles up the road. Our area was a little deeper in spots. Late at night, I caught site of a buck (only 3×3, but a rather hefty critter) standing at the top of the hill. I couldn’t decide if he’d […]