Oh, you’ve got to be kidding? I thought it wasn’t supposed to snow that much around here, huh? What the heck??!!??

We are now in our third big snow storm of the season. We’ve had little bits of snow here and there, a big storm one week before Christmas dumped 20″ on us. Last week’s big storm dumped 20″ to 30″ on our heads (depending on where you were)… and now, with that stuff not even starting to melt, another big storm comes through and it’s expected to put another 18″ on the ground.

As of yesterday – the “official” snowfall total for the season was around 62″. Hello? 5′ 2″ of snow? And by the time this storm is done, that total should be 80″. Yikes!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful!

There's a car under there somewhere!