Over the years, I have very carefully preserved a relatively anonymous front and a totally fractured existence, a sort of six degrees of separation from myself. In many cases, it’s been a necessary evil and originally came about because I was doing much of my creative (and paying) work under pseudonyms not owned by me (gee, can y0u say “ghost writing”).

Add in the simple fact that my work crosses socio-political boundaries that ought not be mixed and you wind up with one very scattered person.

But all that’s a-gonna change I tell ya!

While I’m  not about to own up to everything I’ve ever written under my assorted noms de plume, heck, I can’t – I signed non-disclosure agreements, I have decided that this overly fractured life must (sort of) end.

And so, the process begins. My blog will now be linked to my Facebook and Twitter pages, and all sorts of other oh-so-fun stuff. Y’all get to see the “real” me now. Whooo hoooo.

Sure, I still have some stuff going on that does not, and will never, link to these pages, but the bottom line is, I’m sick of feeling like the Sybil of the blogging world (who am I today?)

That critter gets around...

The weekend included a record snow fall – 19″ was the official measurement a few miles up the road. Our area was a little deeper in spots.

Late at night, I caught site of a buck (only 3×3, but a rather hefty critter) standing at the top of the hill. I couldn’t decide if he’d made a few circuits of the yard, or if there had been others with him. A few minutes later, I got my answer, he was joined by at least one doe, possibly more in the trees.

The field behind us is filled with tracks – it looks like the deer had a convention in the snow…