Pitchy Pursuit… Pitch Wars 2016

It’s that time of year again… Pitch Wars!  (certified GIF-free post – but I do have a slideshow!) I participated last year with a manuscript that I thought was ready to go… yeah, I was mistaken. I shelved that story for a bit and worked on some other projects, but the story kept nagging me. […]

On Writing: Crit Partners

What is a “crit partner”? Google the term, or the unabbreviated “critique partner” and you’ll see a confusing list of definitions, and places to find fellow writers eager to pair up with a crit partner. In my eyes, and those of the folks I most frequently work with, a crit partner is usually a two-way […]

Condom conundrum… writing about sex

Here’s a huge shocker, my books contain some sex scenes. I know, big surprise, right? And I’m currently editing another book that contains (gasp!) sex scenes. No, these aren’t erotic fiction, though I’ve been known on occasion to write erotica (and have even gotten paid to do it). These are standard fiction stories. Not even […]