:Pitchwarriors Prep

We’ve all had those “I wish I knew this when…” moments. That’s what Pitchwarriors Prep is all about.

The focus will be on self-assessment and preparation, with tips, tricks, and stories from those who’ve been there in the trenches–past PW mentees!

There’s tons of info out there about how to get your manuscript whipped into shape, but there is precious little talking about YOU the writer, and what you need to do to prepare yourself.

While we have discussed this with the PW team, we are not officially affiliated with PW, and this is not an official PW blog series.

The 2018 PW Mentee group is an amazing bunch of writers who were so incredibly supportive of each other during the process. PW is stressful, and there were more than a handful of  difficult moments. From “holy shit I just got my edit letter and I’m overwhelmed” to “holy shit there’s a deadline, what do I do” all the way to “OMG this sucks” and “why is this so hard”.

This is a tough program!

Watching all of this, I realized that, despite all the prep, all the info, and everything that goes into telling folks about PW, and hearing about each year’s mentee’s stress—people are often not ready for it.

Keep your eyes on this page!

This project is ever evolving and content will be added on a regular basis. This landing page will become an index for all Pitchwarriors Prep articles–whether they live here, or on a participating blog or site.


Wanna Contribute?

Are you a former PW mentee who has written a post about PW? Or do you want to write one?
Posts on preparing yourself, selecting critique partners and/or beta readers, receiving critique, and your own PW experiences can all help future mentee hopefuls!
If you’ve already written and posted on your site or blog, and would like to be included in the index here, contact me.
If you don’t have a blog or site, and would like to write a post to share here, let me know.
I’ll be posting a page on how to contribute soon.

Get Social

#PitchwarriorsPrep on Twitter–if you post a tip, trick, or share a link that you think other Pitch Wars hopefuls would find useful!
If you are a PW mentee hopeful (or past mentee) there is a Facebook group where fellow hopefuls can share their work, get support, advice, etc. Please make sure to answer the questions when you ask to join.

Pitchwarriors Stories!

Check out this page for links to tales from the trenches from other Pitch Wars mentees.