The business of life…

I’m not the type to air dirty laundry on social media. Nor do I often share tales of woe, or worry. I’m more the life chronicles and humorous rant type… Y’know… when things are done… and you can look back and laugh. Well, I’m not to laughing… yet. Life has gotten busy to the point […]

A mixed bag…

On Feb 1, the hubby turned the big 5-Oh. We’d planned a quiet dinner at home on Saturday to celebrate. But that was not to be. On Saturday, he got a call–his mom has been on hospice since the day after Christmas, and it was time to come home. And so home he went.

Friends and frustrations…

It’s been a challenging month. In the midst of the usual familial stuff, we’ve also been dealing with a major fracture among some of our closest friends. I’ve been fortunate to have plenty to distract me from over-thinking the whole mess – kids, home, family, etc. plus putting a lot of effort into PitchWars (a writing contest), […]

Anonymous shmonymous…The Three Faces of Roxy

Over the years, I have very carefully preserved a relatively anonymous front and a totally fractured existence, a sort of six degrees of separation from myself. In many cases, it’s been a necessary evil and originally came about because I was doing much of my creative (and paying) work under pseudonyms not owned by me […]

Spring has sprung!

After a winter of record snow fall (Snowmaggedon anyone?) I confess I was looking forward to Spring. I also confess that it snuck up on me. Over the last month, as the weather has slowly warmed, things just started ever so slowly getting just a little bit more green, a little bit more life till […]