What time is it?

One of my favorite times of year. A sanity saver last year. Yep… It’s time for Pitch Wars! PW has given me some of the most amazing experiences as a writer. From the community to my mentors to the PW team… and my mentee from last year! After a few years of submitting, I finally […]

Mentor Madness…

So the idea of Pitch Wars is basically pairing unagented authors with a more experienced author to tackle improving their manuscript before submitting to agents. (extremely short version there) In years past, hopefuls selected the mentors they thought would be a good fit and submitted their query and first chapter to them. You had a limited […]


I’ve spent most of my career as an editor. I know damn good and well the work a writer turns in usually goes through multiple rounds of edits before it approaches publishable status. Still, as a writer, there is that little ego trip that says, “No, this is my creative baby, and it is perfect, […]

Pitchy Pursuit… Pitch Wars 2016

It’s that time of year again… Pitch Wars!  (certified GIF-free post – but I do have a slideshow!) I participated last year with a manuscript that I thought was ready to go… yeah, I was mistaken. I shelved that story for a bit and worked on some other projects, but the story kept nagging me. […]