Who am I?

Welcome to my world…

This blog has gone through a variety of incarnations and now is in the transition to my author’s page. Bear with me.

The same snark and sass and more than occasional profanity… probably some food porn. A lot of writing stuff.

Also…This is a sex positive space. Also a space for no -isms… No racism, classism, size-ism, able-ism, etc-ism. Just… don’t.

About me:

Smart, urbanite, foodie, funny, cook, passionate, opinionated, political, irreverent, writer, photographer, busy, mom, wife, shoe fiend, fashionista, frequent hostess, teacher, displaced Californian…

Formerly managing editor for several magazines, then for local newspapers (a story and a half that one!) now working freelance as a writer and editor… oh yeah, and enjoying the fun and challenge of writing fiction.

Oh yeah, I write kissing books. Sexy kissing books.


I’m easiest to reach via social media. The main page has links to my Twitter profile (pretty active), Facebook page (pretty private – I kinda need to know you to link up with you there), and Instagram (prepare to be bombarded by food porn).

2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Nice to find your blog, and although I’m across the world in Australia I feel we have a lot in common. I’m a writer, adventurer, wife, mother, a foodie and lover of life in general. Look forward to sharing more of your journey.

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