If you’ve found this because you’re looking for my blog, you can still find that here. You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter just in case you need more daily updates than I dish out here.

I am repped by Marlene Stringer at Stringer Literary Agency.

Works in Progress:

  • The Lies We Tell – thriller with romantic elements
    A former police officer finds evidence pointing to a serial rapist, but the victims won’t press charges. She has to find him before she becomes his next victim.
  • Breaking Chains – romantic suspense
    Claire’s perfect world is a lie. She finds a new life and new love after changing her name to escape her murderous ex, but he knows where she is and he wants to finish the job.

Currently Available:

A World Rebuilt A World Rebuilt – In a post-apocalyptic world where steampunk has become reality, Charlie Spencer should not exist. Hunted by a corrupt government, she has to learn who she can trust and who might be out to kill her.

Fallen_150dpi_eBook Fallen – Serena McClure walks away from a controlling husband and into the unknown. With nothing more than a good job and her will to get out, she faces obstacles and challenges.
It is a journey of trust and growth as she learns to lean on her friends, and comes to understand her own strength. And a journey of love and lust, unlocking Serena’s long-dormant desires and unleashing her passionate nature. She must let go of her past and embrace love.

After the Harvest After the Harvest – Justice is not a dish served in this town. Twenty-­five years ago, Patty and Bobby drove across country to visit his family for the holidays, but they got lost in the rural Texas. When their car breaks down near an old, abandoned gas station, they decide to just stay for the night and seek help in the morning. However, everything is not as it seems. The town has a very dark secret that they will do anything to keep quiet. Patty is kidnapped and eventually faces the horrific truth. She must find a way out of this nightmare whatever the cost.

2 thoughts on “:Welcome!”

  1. Steve Cassidy said:

    Charm city, yeah! My novel is based in Baltimore, Inner Harbor, Scarlet Place, Canton are all the backdrop. My MC ends up swimming in the harbor, yuck, he doesn’t get typhus though….Saw you on absolutewrite and wanted to say hi!

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