A little housecleaning…

Working a little magic on the blog…

I’ve been on this platform for… umm.. hmm… more years than I care to count. And it’s gone through a few personality shifts over the years as my reasons and purpose for blogging have changed.

These days, my focus here is almost entirely writing world. I mean… I’ve got Instagram for my food porn. Twitter for the rowdiest and wonderfulest group of writers imaginable (and food porn, and just general snark and sass, and… a lot of things). And I’m even still on Facebook – mostly to stay in touch with family and distant friends, plus a handful of terrific groups.

I don’t really use the blog as a personal dumping ground, vent space, creative outlet, etc. Not any more. And so… it’s undergone a little transformation. Old friends might notice the dark new look. Don’t get too attached, it may change.

I’ve kept a handful of some of my favorite older posts, and writing focused ones. The rest have been retired and are safely ensconced in the digital archive. Where they will bloody well stay.

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Whatcha got to say?

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